From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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Just because you refuse to snog in public doesn’t mean everyone’s got to suffer.


Just because you refuse to snog in public doesn’t mean everyone’s got to suffer.

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Shit is it really happening? Is our stuff finally getting delivered????? After two weeks and many disasters!,?

e/R #8- sorry, I couldn't resist.


exR | bikini wax AU

"First time?" 

The homely-looking guy with unruly curls smiles down at him, and Enjolras tries to smile back. He suspects he fails. “Is it that obvious?”

The guy gives him a look of pity. “Ohhh yeah. Hi, I’m Grantaire, and I have the pleasure of covering your arse in hot wax today.”

Enjolras laughs shakily, and fidgets with the little towel they gave him that just about covers his pelvis. “Oh, well, as long as it’s a pleasure.”

Consulting his appointment sheet, Grantaire frowns. “I have you down for a Brazilian? For your first time?”

"Yeah," says Enjolras faintly. "I’ll get more money for it." Grantaire looks at him inquisitively. "I’m doing it for charity."

"Ahhh," says Grantaire. "Some people donate hair for wigs. You donate pubic hair. How charming."

Enjolras chokes on his laughter this time. He thinks he can probably get through this if Grantaire keeps this up. Grantaire is taking him through it all very slowly, stirring the wax and getting Enjolras to relax before asking him to remove the towel. He chats all the way through applying the wax, and then…

Well. There’s screaming involved, and not the usual kind Enjolras likes to do on a bed.

Grantaire is ruthless, and now Enjolras knows why he’d put several pieces of paper down in one go because he just rips them off in quick succession as Enjolras yells and very nearly knees Grantaire in the face.

Enjolras curls up into a ball on his side and kind of whimpers for a bit. When he comes back to himself, Grantaire has a warm wet towel to wipe away the wax, a glass of water, and a not-entirely-straight face. “I’m so glad you find this funny,” mutters Enjolras, letting Grantaire roll him back over and run the towel over him.

He feels kind of spaced out. It might be a combination of the adrenaline rush, the numbness around his pelvis and the soothing warm towel, but sooner than he’d thought possible, Enjolras says, “Okay, I’m ready for the next bit.”

He’s really, really not. 

"Put my leg where?" Enjolras asks incredulously.

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wait what what what is the les mis 69 minute challenge what am i missing out on??

daily 69 minute prompts for les mis art!

it just started yesterday and already there’s a ton of cool stuff

i’m hoping to get one done tonite if i can!

(glad i’m not the only one late to the party)

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OMG are you gonna do it

probably. maybe, depends on how tired i am tonight??

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aah, hope you feel better! give yourself a hug ! (it is secretly from me)

ah thank you friend! i am feeling much better after a week of flopping around.